• What type of bracket do I use on patio tube?

    This bracket is known as an internal patio clip and makes building anything with patio tube simple.

  • How far should I concrete a post into the ground?

    For patios and gates approximately 60cms and shade sails should be minimum 1 metre.

  • How much weight can your castor wheels carry?

    The largest Capacity castor wheel we stock is rated to 450kg each.

  • What length should a roofing screw be?

    Its recommended that roofing screws be 50mm in length or longer.

  • What width does a Colorbond roof sheet cover?

    One sheet covers 0 .76cm (width Divided by .760 = Number of sheets needed).

  • What can I use to remove old silicone?

    Silicone removal now comes in a can, just spay on and wipe off all those little annoying bits.

  • What type of adhesive can I use to stick solar panels to my caravan roof?

    We recommend adhesives made with SMX polymer, super adhesion and non toxic.

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